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Eyes wired shut: the perils of twitter brain

This has been concerning me for a while now. As a avid book reader throughout all my youth I seem to have lost the ability to sit down with a book of fiction and read slowly and thoroughly for longer periods of time.

Because I am not a neurologist I am not sure if this is actually a ‘re-wiring’ of the brain as commonly suggested. Probably more a ‘habit’ that has been developed by years of needing to cut corners to get quick results. Nevertheless it’s not a positive thing as far as I am concerned and something to be aware of.

I personally would also not blame this (solely) on digital tools like Twitter either. The general fast pace of life and the constant pressures to speed up are probably contributing much more overall than a single tool. Although these tools do have a potential to become time and attention ‘sinks’ if you are not careful and get drawn into too much. Due to the fact that these tools can be extremely useful (if you know how to use them), there is always a potential. Depending on your personality type this constant source of interesting information can become quite ‘addictive’.

Original article in Australian Financial Review (blocked by Paywall 🙁 )

Notes from Dreamworlds

This series of videos recently came up in my social media streams and they have really impressed me and helped calm down things at a stressful moment. Nothing better than looking at nature to calm things down. And (sometimes) if you can’t get out there yourselves, watching a video is the next best thing.

These videos deal with the microscopic biosphere normally hidden to the naked eye.
The most important living organisms that play the key functions in the biosphere might not seem exciting when it comes to motion. Plants, fungi, sponges, corals, plankton, and microorganisms make life on Earth possible and do all the hard biochemical job. Our brains are wired to comprehend and follow fast and dynamic events better, especially those very few that happen at speeds comparable to ours. In a world of blazingly fast predators and escaping prey events where it takes minutes, hours, or days to notice any changes are harder to grasp.

Slow Life

Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

The hidden life in pond water

The hidden life in pond water from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

Original source: – excellent work !

Wise words from a Korean hermit

HWANG Daekwon

Came across this article in SlowJapan which is definitely worth the read:

… It was a true savior for Mr. HWANG Daekwon when he figured out how to spend his slowly running time in jail for 13 years, which is to observe plants, herbs and weeds around. It also helped him to restore and maintain his mental and physical health respectively from the deep-rooted anger and injury incurred by severe torture. …


Amazon Books by Hwang Daekwon

Buy Yourself a Swing

Worthwile reading for some reflections. No real commentary needed…

“Buy yourself a swing, Rob.

Guaranteed to ‘lift the spirits’ when able to get out.
Was going to suggest a trip to the play area in Thirsk, but probably very non P.C. – Single man on a swing?!?!?!
Love and healing hugs

To you and Lindsey

Dottie and Paul xxx”

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