Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Did you know there was an organisation that trains people to become ‘forest guides’ ?

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Forests are the original antidote to stress and stress-related illness. Our species evolved in forests. We spent the first several million years of our existence in them. Then, a couple of millenia ago—in evolutionary time scale, only yesterday–our adventurous spirits inspired a global exploration. This morning we invented cities. A bit before the noonday break we became industrialized. Suddenly, while our genes are still living in the forest, our bodies live in the busy, stressful conditions of modern civilization.

Website: Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides .

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  1. Jason Calder

    I have the privilege of running what is likely the first inpatient program in the US designed to treat problematic digital media use in teens (Outback Therapeutic Expeditions: Unplugged program). Best of all, 100% of the program is spent in nature.
    Some people question if an individual truly can become “addicted” to video games, smartphones & the internet. When comparing fMRI brain scans of heroin addicts with the brain scans of compulsive video gamers they look virtually identical. Their pleasure centers light up in exactly the same way and both contain an enlarged ventral striatum. They can also meet much of the exact same criteria we use to diagnose a substance abuse addiction or gambling addiction. Technology addiction is real and has heartbreaking results. I just got this email from a mother recently:
    “My 16 year old son is a severe pathological gamer. It affects his sleep, eating, grades in school, and his behavior (which is mostly lethargic and withdrawn). My son used to be a vibrant boy who once had the dream of being a fireman and living in a castle but now he can’t hardly function. He literally doesn’t want to do anything but play video games.”
    It is my hope that people can enjoy technology in moderation and that, if they ever get to the point that their digital media use impacts their relationships and ability to fully function, that they will get the support they need to live a more intentional and meaningful life.


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