On the importance of a ‘Sanity Project’

It’s too easy to get lost in the pressures of the ‘rat-race’ – there are bills to be paid, children to be educated, older generations to be looked after in their autumn years and many more. To maintain their sanity everybody has their own strategies. There is the book readers (I used to be one of them), the party animal, the couch potato, …

For me there tends to me (at least) one ‘Sanity Project’ that allows me to take a break from current pressures and realities and take a (short) break. This very website is one of those projects allowing some time to read up on and share things of interest. I often get comments like ‘how can you relax by doing more ?’, but I guess this must have to do with my personality type. Not all (in fact too many) of my sanity project actually involve physical activity they generally have a few things in common:

  • inexpensive
  • in line with (at least one) passion
  • quickly done
  • very enjoyable

Looking at the success of the revival of the various “hacker” or “maker” spaces there seems to be some revival of this. There are plenty of resources out there on these topic. Some great starting points are in the following list.

One Australian organisation I joined recently the Institute of Backyard Studiess is trying to revive the old tradition of ‘inventing’ things in sheds.

A recent addition to the SlowTech Google+ Community has also been an interesting read on a similar line. http://www.andrewwillner.com/2013/07/preserving-the-past-to-serve-the-future/

What is your favorite ‘Sanity Project’ ?
Do you have too many ‘Sanity Projects’ ?

Love to get some comments on this one. Feel free to chip in !

One thought on “On the importance of a ‘Sanity Project’

  1. Sue

    I’ll chime in a few months down the track. My sanity projects are doing creative things, walking, meditation. I can tell how relatively nutso I am by my resistance to them. It’s strange, this pace; it becomes addictive to the numb parts of us while the other parts are screaming for our sanity projects


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