Eyes wired shut: the perils of twitter brain

This has been concerning me for a while now. As a avid book reader throughout all my youth I seem to have lost the ability to sit down with a book of fiction and read slowly and thoroughly for longer periods of time.

Because I am not a neurologist I am not sure if this is actually a ‘re-wiring’ of the brain as commonly suggested. Probably more a ‘habit’ that has been developed by years of needing to cut corners to get quick results. Nevertheless it’s not a positive thing as far as I am concerned and something to be aware of.

I personally would also not blame this (solely) on digital tools like Twitter either. The general fast pace of life and the constant pressures to speed up are probably contributing much more overall than a single tool. Although these tools do have a potential to become time and attention ‘sinks’ if you are not careful and get drawn into too much. Due to the fact that these tools can be extremely useful (if you know how to use them), there is always a potential. Depending on your personality type this constant source of interesting information can become quite ‘addictive’.

Original article in Australian Financial Review (blocked by Paywall 🙁 ) http://www.afr.com/p/national/arts_saleroom/eyes_wired_shut_the_perils_of_twitter_nXoFVp9QMfUDjgwQMjymqK

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